“Each person has a soul with an essence of nobility and a character that is a mine rich in gems"

– Baha’u’llah –



Welcome conscious change-agents!

Thank you for not being content with the status quo and being committed to making your unique impact – in your family, in your community, in your industry, in your business, in your organization…

Thank you for caring and daring to strive for excellence.

I know that it takes a lot of energy and stamina to keep your movement going and continue being successful with your vision.

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What lights me up?

I am lit up by the search for truth, trust and unity... 

– and am thankful for the ever-present desire to expand out of my comfort zone and continue to learn from the beauty and exquisite experiences of life. 

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I am on A MISSION...

I am here to nurture the nurturers & to serve the servants.

I am committed to helping protect the Powerhouse Leaders, just like you, and I do so by teaching practical processes and concrete strategies so you can expand your impact in a sustainable ways… without having to sacrifice yourselves in the pursuit of excellence.  

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  Because I believe that each person has a unique set of gifts, talents and capacities to make a unique mark in the world.

Every life has a potential SPARK to make a difference!


Ready to Activate Your Spark?



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Jaleh Zandieh, a sought after Sustainable Leadership Consultant, works with powerhouse entrepreneurs who are leading movements around the globe, helping them sustain their spark so they can make their unique mark. She is devoted to stopping the systemic problem of conscious leaders getting stuck in a pattern of overwhelm, exhaustion and burning out.

Jaleh’s business is dedicated to supporting values-driven leaders serve their communities + industries with excellence -  without burning out from the work that lights them up.

Over the last 15 years, she has lived and worked in North America, Asia and Europe, speaking to exclusive audiences, offering keynotes and interactive workshops, to conferences, forums, summits, businesses, universities, and retreats.

Jaleh's mission is to protect the Powerhouses who have turned a passion into a real world-changing project or business. She works with successful organizations who want to expand their influential work in a sustainable, integrated way.  She helps them Sustain their Spark and grow their businesses with more ease... so they can stay in love with their calling. 

Three of Jaleh's favorite things are music, movement & mindfulness. She is the founder of Hip Hop Meditation - a global movement has attracted a community of leaders representing a diversity of cultures and backgrounds from 34+ countries. Hip Hop Meditation is one of Jaleh’s signature systems that is dedicated to raising and nurturing a generation of conscious leaders who are able to impact the world in bold, creative, compassionate ways.

As a bestselling author who loves the power of language, Jaleh is currently interviewing 30 global leaders for her upcoming book: “Sustain Your Spark: How Powerhouses Lead a Successful & Sustainable Movement without Overwhelm”